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Ung Rong Phaltevy is a student at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, studying Food Science and Technology, as well as English language and literature at the University of Cambodia. Tevy is also one of the Breakthrough Movement's co-founders.

She aspired to be a scientist in Cambodia when she was younger. However, social norms required her to choose the major in a field that society considers proper for female students. However, Tevy dares to challenge all social norms that limit female students' desired occupations and talents. She encouraged the other female students to discover STEM and expressed her wish for a significant increase in the number of female candidates in the STEM field in the future. Tevy also has worked in the fields of food security, safe drinking water and sanitation, the environment, and gender equality.

Tevy wishes to see gender equality in every aspect of her society, including the workplace and education, which prompted her to join the Breakthrough Movement with other co-founders to break down all negative norms that are the world's roadblocks to achieving gender equality. The most significant accomplishment was breaking through the barriers that prevented her from pursuing her dream career and becoming a role model in her community to influence the next generation about gender equality in school and the workplace.

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