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Reachnithor Oum is a young professional female working to advocate around the issue of youth participation, social inclusion, human rights, and gender issues for seven years including four years of professional experience.

Currently, Reachnithor is the Junior Program Officer with The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and a co-founder of the Breakthrough movement. She has also actively been involved in public sharing and training on gender themes, life sharing, and campaign creating. She has worked alongside several International Organizations and NGOs.

Growing up in a society with a gender gap and unequal treatment, Reachnithor committed to voicing up to promote gender equality by challenging social norms and empowering women and girls. Reachnithor’s ultimate goal is to ensure “No one is safe until everyone is safe”. Being part of a co-founder of Breakthough Movement is her life-changing experience.

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