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Breakthrough Short Film Festival:
the competition

The Breakthrough Short Film Festival: Dare to Breakthrough invites young Cambodians with a passion for addressing critical and cross-cutting issues like gender-based violence, social inclusion, social norms, women's rights, and women's empowerment. 

What is
the breakthrough short film Festival?

The Breakthrough Short Film Festival is not just another film festival - it's a platform that seeks to empower young Cambodians to share their stories and drive positive change in their communities. Through this festival, we aim to inspire and empower young Cambodians to address critical issues such as gender-based violence, social inclusion,  women empowerment, women's rights, and social norms perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

The festival will be an empowering experience for young Cambodians, providing a platform to express their unique perspectives and inspire others to create positive change. By amplifying the voices of young people and encouraging them to use film as a tool for social change, we hope to create a compelling tool for educating and enlightening communities. 


The primary objective of the BREAKTHROUGH Short-Film Festival is to promote gender equality and challenge cultural norms that perpetuate gender-based discrimination and violence. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Celebrate youth culture and creativity and embrace new media, channels, and voices;

  • Empower young people to use short films for positive change in their communities;

  • Raise awareness of significant issues such as gender-based violence, social inclusion, and women's rights, as well as empower women to stimulate more dialogues and actions toward positive change;

  • Amplify the voices of young people, especially women, and girls, and encourage them to become leaders and agents of positive change,  which ultimately leads to gender equality;

  • Provide a platform for young people to connect with like-minded individuals and build networks for future collaborations and advocacy efforts;

  • Encourage collaboration and intergenerational solidarity between feminists, civil society organizations, and youth groups to promote gender equality through filmmaking;

  • Celebrate and promote International Women's Day 2024.

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